Corporate Workshops 

Workshops can be tailored to suit the needs of an organization, including individual or team follow up. Some examples of workshops we have held are: Assertiveness, Stress Management, Team Building, Immigration Stress, Cognitive Distortions, Emotional and Social Intelligence.

 Team coaching to cope with changes in an organization as a consequence of merging, downsizing, change of technologies, procedures or culture is also available.

 Assessments. How Do Sessions Work?

Give us a call or send us an email with some information regarding your current situation and expectations in terms of coaching and any questions you may have.

Together we will agree on the most convenient form of coaching for you.

A plan will be outlined with goals you want to reach, and actions for you to take to reach those goals.

The coach will give you provide insight on your situation, answer your questions, give feedback on  coaching exercises you completed, and make suggestions for how you may  be able to find solutions, and make further progress towards your goals.

Periodically, as appropriate the coach will give you exercises to work on or/and texts to read.